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From: Dan Gunter (
Date: 01/09/00

I am the Owner/Founder of Affinity Leadership Concepts. About 16 years
ago, I began my study of management with the book "In Search of
Excellence" by (need I even say the name...) In the years since, I have
learned, if nothing else, that psych-up approaches to organizational
improvement simply don't cut it.

As you will see, if you care to spend time perusing my own web site at, I try to employ a more holistic
approach to organizational dynamics, which recently manifested itself as
"The Tetrahedron Principle," which I plan to release in book form this
year. I love the internet's ability to facilitate virtual "think-tanks."
I have even created "The Tetrahedron Project," which is essentially a
bunch of consultants scattered about the U.S. and abroad, who share ideas,
thus breathing more life into the Tetrahedron and helping it evolve.

I am happy to have recently joined up with SESoL, the Southeastern SoL
fractal. Anyone who takes the capabilities of the web too lightly these
days is missing out on the greatest opportunity in history to form
collective knowledge bases. As a consultant, I have no fear that there
will be too little consulting business out there for us to openly share
our experiences. Rather, use of mediums such as this have the potential
to help us reinvent the consulting game. As for me, "deal me in."

Proud to be working with all of you!

Dan Gunter
Owner/Founder, Affinity Leadership Concepts


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