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From: Eugene Taurman (
Date: 01/20/00

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As I read your message I was struck by you reference to one best way. My
reaction was he missed the point. There is always a better way not one
way. To find a better way requires knowing how it is done now. Which in
turn usually demands that everyone do it the same way while we evaluate
the present method. To do that demands know how it is the work is done.

That in turn demands good measures so we can tell the difference when we
do change.

It is hard to change people . It is a whole lot easier to lead them to a
place they believe will be better. If they do not see the better place
then change is hard. People change only when they see the better place.

Where do they think you are trying to take them? Learning something new is
a lot of work so belief that the new is better than the status quo is
absolutely necessary or change won't happen.


Eugene Taurman

>How does our theory become practice? Indeed. It is a question I wrestle
>with every day in my current role. I believe my organisation finds the
>question too difficult to deal with and instead apportions part of its
>budget to training and development and hopes! Spray and pray I've heard
>the tactic described as. If you don't want to go on a long journey that
>may lead to nowhere may I suggest you read no further.
>Dennis Rolleston <>


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