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From: Winfried Deijmann (deijmann@dialoog.net)
Date: 01/22/00

Replying to Learning in wonderland LO23749
 Rick asks:
>[Host's Note: Aleksandar, it's good to hear from you! Fellow readers, do
>we have any collaborative opportunities for Aleksandar? and for others?

I too am willing to help Aleksander; count me in.

Rick: is it an idea to create a temporary separated e-mailforum like we
had with the Effective Heresy issue three years ago? I think Art Kleiner
might also be interested in this topic since he is busy with the Practice
in Education Fieldbook?

[Host's Note: Winfried, that wasn't what I had in mind, but is that a
suggestion? A small collaborative network? It's easy to do, but the spirit
of my addition was, "What is a good project that might include Aleksandar
and some of his colleagues? ..Rick]


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