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From: Carol Sager (
Date: 01/24/00

Many people have asked me to inform them when the article *Implementing
Change From The Middle Of The Organization* Part II will be posted. Part
II will be at starting 2/2/2000. We will leave Part I
on the site until then for those who might not have seen it. Part I of the
article features a case study showing how change can be initiated and
implemented from the middle of the organization - even in the most
difficult of situations. Here, the *difficult situation* takes place in a
hospital setting and *physician involvement* is one of the areas dealt
with. However, this case study in change management is definitely NOT for
healthcare professionals only. Part II provides guidelines and checklists
for implementing change successfully in any organization from *Before You
Start* to *Follow UP.* Each checklist contains examples of evidence to
look for. Please excuse the cross posting.

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