On Definitions LO23833

From: John Zavacki (jzavacki@greenapple.com)
Date: 01/25/00

In a recent message, the terms theory and practice were redefined by one
of our teammates. I went back through the messages for a time and found
that this is, indeed, a practice of many of our writers. It may be that,
because we are outside of our own microworld of physics, succulent
biology, accounting, etc. we feel we are on the edge of new discoveries
when articulating facts from the philosophy of science in our own words.

Both theory and practice, as well as entropy, learning, thinking, are very
well defined. What needs to be understood here is that they need more and
constant explanation until someone hits on the simplest and most elegant
phrase. Then the theory will be well written.

John F. Zavacki

"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it."


"John Zavacki" <jzavacki@greenapple.com>

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