Rhythm in Communication LO23840

From: Winfried Deijmann (deijmann@dialoog.net)
Date: 01/27/00

Replying to: Rhythm in Communication LO23829

Dear At,

Thanks for your compact description of your seven essentials.

> Winfried, to conclude, when you wrote "they will move you, instead of you
> moving them", it means for me that we need the elementary sustainers of
> creativity to move our creativity rather than they "needing us" to show
> how our creativity "moves them". But perhaps this is not what you meant to
> say. Let me know.

With 'they' was meant shoulders, back, arms, fingers, legs, feet, etc.,
nothing more, nothing less. What I only meant to say is that the dynamic
flow will guide you from one point in space to the next. For a while you
live in your movements. In all honesty I don't know how to explain this
more and better.

People who worked with me, understand exactly what I mean, but that is
because we went through the steps of an exercise until their movements
spoke their understanding. From the moment I see that they are living IN
their movements I can ask: "Do you now understand what I mean?" And than
they answer "yes, now I understand what you mean" Than I ask: "Can you
describe it to me?" And than they answer: "No, I can't describe it, but it
is there and I can show it to you". It is unexplainable until it is
experienced, and then no further explanation is necessary, because it is
simply SEEN. From that moment on, they themselves also can 'see' the same
extended quality -if it is there- in an other person's movements or in
other dynamic processes. (What kind of dynamic flow can be seen depends
on the type of exercise we did).

A tip: next time you are out in the open and it is not too windy, try to
avoid to look at where the wind touches the leaves, or the trees or
whatever, but try to focus on the windflow itself. Allow your eyes and
your consciousness to follow the wind. When you succeed it will be the
first time that you SEE wind.

warm greetings from cold Holland,


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