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From: Steve Finegan (
Date: 01/28/00

I'm fascinated by the concept of "co-evolution" and it's possible
metaphorical application to teamwork in organizations. Anyone doing any
research in this area? Any reading suggestions or people I might contact?

Co-Evolution describes the tightly coupled dance of symbionts and their
evolution toward and with each other. The biologist Stewart Brand
popularized the previous mathamatical model of co-evolution of parasites
and hosts and applied it to whole systems. According to Kevin Kelly, in
his book "Out of Control", Brand's version of co-evolution "was devoted to
the larger notion of all things -- biological, social, and technological
-- adapting to and creating each other, and at the same time weaving into
one whole system." Wrote Brand: "Coevolution, the larger view, is adapting
to meet each other's needs." Brand went on to define co-evolution as a
whole system in time with individual agents teaching and learning from
each other, adapting to each other, and growing more tightly coupled in
the process, e.g., the monarch butterfly and the milkweed.

Thanks in advance.


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