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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 01/30/00

Dear learners,

" Who are you to write linking the personal suffering of young people and
profound sculpture to human spiritual and religious experience and that
within the context of a learning organisation?"
 (See my last contribution.)

Good question!

A poem found in the darkness before dawn.

Further readying (read as uncorrected 'reading';-)
"Human artificial chromosomes
coming into focus"
H F Willard Nature
Biotechnology Voila (For Voila read viola, volt, vole or vol ;-)
16 p 415
"Variations of a theme:
cataloguing human DNA sequence
variation" F Collins M Guyer
and A Chakravarti Science Vol 278
p 1580 (1997)
"Human Factor IX
transgenic sheep
produced by transfer
of nuclei from transfected
fetal fibroblasts"
AE Schneike and others.
Science vol 278, p 2130 (1997)
"Rhesus monkeys produced by nuclear transfer"
L Meng and others,
Biology of Reproduction
Vol 57 p 454
"Cloning for profit"
GB Anderson and GE Seidel.
Science vol 280,
p 1400

"Research hurtles forward with breath taking speed.
-It no longer makes sense
to shy
what we
are going to do
when all
technical obstacles are overcome,
and genetic engineering offers us the
children - and the future of our species."

Robert Taylor New Scientist 3 October 1998

Now tell me if I am wrong.
Whose children?
I think that means YOUR children.

And that tiny little word,

Best wishes,

Andrew Campbell



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