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From: Morty Lefkoe (morty@decisionmaker.com)
Date: 02/01/00

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Dear Nick:

Yes, we have been very effective in helping people remove emotional
blocks. We do it by helping them eliminate the beliefs that produce the
emotional blocks. For details, see my book and my website.

Regards, Morty
Morty Lefkoe
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> I have been interested for many years in using counselling skills to
> remove people's emotional blocks to having their work and lives right.
> Listening well and helping people express their feelings does work. People
> become freer.
> The same approaches should work to remove emotional blocks to learning.
> Perhaps we could recover the enormous speed that infants learn if we did
> it right. I have some personal experience that this can work.


"Morty Lefkoe" <morty@decisionmaker.com>

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