Holography and teams LO23895

From: Stephen Hobbs (stephen.hobbs@wellthlearning.com)
Date: 02/05/00

Request from the list ... I am interested in the holographic paradigm and
its "metaphoric" application to organizations and especially teams. If
you are aware of articles and/or web sites that are readily available, I
would appreciate their location.

I am aware of the history of holography, holographic universe (Talbot),
holographic mind, and the use of "laser beams, mirrors, plates, etc."

My request is for theory and practice resources applied to teams and
organizations (e.g., holographic organization, holographic team) ...
please send your items to my private e-mail (below) and I can summarize
for everyone as a contribution to the list ... and if this theme, request
sparks dialogue ... great.

My interest in the subject ... is for a presentation at a conference in
May "Three Tensions for Team Learning: A Holographic Interpretation," and
a journal article in March ... I know there is more to add, finding it is
difficult :>)).

The three tensions are ... person-collective (relational), data-knowledge
(structural) [the first beam that is split], and reality-vision
(strategic) [second beam].

Stephen Hobbs, EdD
WELLTH Learning Network
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Stephen Hobbs <stephen.hobbs@wellthlearning.com>

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