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Date: 02/05/00

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On 4 Feb 00, at 4:14, Edgar F. Johns wrote:

> I'm also interested in seeing more about Checkland and Harold Shipman. Got
> a reference?

Some writings by Peter Checkland (my PhD examiner!):

Checkland, P. (1981). Systems Thinking, Systems Practice,
Wiley, Chichester.

Checkland, P. (1985). From Optimizing to Learning: A
Development of Systems Thinking for the 1990s. Journal of the
Operational Research Society, 36, 9. pp. 757-767.

Checkland, P. (1989). Soft Systems Methodology. In Rosenhead,
1989, Chapter 4.

Checkland, P. (1991). From Framework through Experience to
Learning: The Essential Nature of Action Research. In Nissen, H.-
E., Klein, H.K. and Hirscheim, R. (Eds.) Information Systems
Research: Contemporary Approaches and Emergent Traditions,
North Holland, The Netherlands. pp. 397-403.

Checkland, P. (1995). Systems Theory and Management Thinking.
In Blunden, M. and Dando, M. (Eds.) Rethinking Public Policy-
Making: Questioning Assumptions, Challenging Beliefs, Sage,
London. pp. 75-91.

Checkland, P. and Casar, A. (1986). Vickers^ Concept of an
Appreciative System: A Systemic Account. Journal of Applied
Systems Analysis, 13, 1. pp. 3-17.

Checkland, P. and Holwell, S. (1998a). Information, Systems and
Information Systems: Making Sense of the Field, Wiley,

Checkland, P. and Holwell, S. (1998b). Action Research: Its Nature
and Validity. Systemic Practice and Action Research (erstwhile
Systems Practice), 11, 1. pp. 9-21.

Checkland, P. and Scholes, J. (1990). Soft Systems Methodology
in Action, Wiley, Chichester.

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