Rhythm in Communication LO23907

From: Bruno Martins Soares (bmartins.soares@mail.EUnet.pt)
Date: 02/05/00

Replying to LO23891 --

> As I said at the beginning, the work of Satir, and perhaps some
> applied psycholinguists like Suzetter Haden Elgin seem far more
> interesting as they relate to this subject than what I read here
> because they deal with real people and real observable behaviors.
> Without grounding such conversations in real people and their
> behaviors, I see no point in entering into this.

Maybe you're right.
I'll try and get their work. Elgin and Satir's.
Anything online?



"Bruno Martins Soares" <bmartins.soares@mail.EUnet.pt>

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