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From: William Bradford Ward (
Date: 02/10/00

Replying to LO23835 --

It seems to me that faculty have too many demands on their time to develop
a lot of vision or creativity. A 70 hour work week is pretty normal at
research universities. Committee and advising loads are getting heavier
and universities are cutting back on support staff due to rising faculty
salaries. More part-time faculty [who also advise a few students in their
specialty area] may be better than full time faculty.

Further, faculty must be 'Jacks/Jills of all trades' in teaching 4 to 6
different courses. Distance education has the potential for having each
faculty member teach her/his best course materials to a
geographically-dispersed group of students and to advise those who best
fit his/her interests.

Bill Ward
Research Director
Arthritis Research Institute of America

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000 14:28:50 Philip Pogson wrote:

>Some years ago Robert Greenleaf wrote: > >"As a somewhat detached observer, I suspect that universities and colleges >are suffering - even today - more for want of ideas, and for vision to >liberate them to use ideas, than for want of money." > >Universities need a powerful, new, motivating purpose, and I am afraid I >have heard, read or met few academics who are able to articulate such a >purpose. Those who attempt to do so are, in my experience, often shot >down by their own colleagues. The same fate frequently applies to >so-called "administrators" (Universities love this term and I have no idea >what it means) such as myself. > >>From where shall the new vision come? > >Philip Pogson

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