Spirituality in the Work Place LO23963

From: Bill Harvey (wharvey@wans.net)
Date: 02/12/00

My interest in the LO has been going on for about 18 months. I have
"listened" here most of the time, with only a couple of responses.

I am finishing up a masters degree and would like to invite you to
participate in a survey I am using in conjunction with a paper I am

The web site for the survey is:

Feel free to share the site with others. The front page of the survey
gives the background about me and the survey. You do not have to be
employed to provide your input, though that is the focus. All
perspectives are welcomed.

After May 2000 (graduation) I would like to engage with the many wonderful
conversations and stories found on this site.




Bill Harvey <wharvey@wans.net>

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