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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 02/15/00

Dear Learners,

One > ~ < one

Sometimes I work with people who, I sense for one reason or another are
fearful of their future.

Today I worked with such a young lady.

One way that I have discovered through personal experience in the 'field'
is to seek from that person those things in their own experience through
which they have overcome personal difficulties to assist others.

By example I asked, 'So what do you do when you are not working?'

...Visible signs of growing confidence.

'I am in my second year of learning to 'sign' language.'

'That is fascinating. Why?'

'It is an amazing thing to be able to communicate with someone who
other/wise one could not communicate with.'

I sensed a reaching out...

Well, things got very much better after that and Jodie's 'learning curve'
went somewhat vertical...¦

'Jodie, how does one sign language < goodnight >.'

She smiles confidently and for the first time turns towards me 'full face',
eyes contacting, her 'pupils' now dilated, involved now and about to carry me
closer to a heart's desire...¦ 'Andrew, put your thumb up and toward
me...¦' (go on then readers;-),
' -show me Andrew! ...good,... now take both hands with your palms open and
facing your own face and from about shoulder width and height close them in a
downward curve, just like curtains over your own face...¦and Andrew,

Teaching and learning is an ART.

Giving/receiving, both/and.

Learning Organisations- wake up!

Later this week I must attend a funeral, we all have these moments.

I has searched inside myself and wanted for a few days to express a
'goodbye' to an old friend and learned colleague that would do proper
justice to the man and to my love of learning, today I was gifted a 'new
language', a new word as new sign and as the symbol takes form it
increases my expressive ability in the living learning world.

It is now for me now a 'mute' point if he hears my 'flat' voice, as I try
my best to sing his favoured hymns.

I reckon he might 'see' from far-away and smile...¦

What a shame I think we do not in our Organisations 'sing' to each other
more in new and differing 'ways'.

Through the gift of learning and serendipity today I have a new rich and
most eloquent way to say 'goodbye', and that is in profoundest silence.

Thank you Jodie for my lesson today.

And thank you and 'bless you' Tommy for some 'past lessons' in 'good
humour and grace'.

 x /_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a sparkling silence, Leo?

Best wishes,

Andrew Campbell



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