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From: Richard Charles Holloway (learnshops@thresholds.com)
Date: 02/16/00

Replying to LO23974 --

Hi, Bill...

while I'm in no way qualified to be considered a researcher, I had the
wonderful opportunity to live in Heidelberg for 2 years. I walked (and
jogged) many times from the Neckar River, just across from the old town,
up Philosopher's Way.

I can attest to the soothing rhythm that came from jogging up that winding
way (first a stone and concrete series of steep steps up to the street
above the river). Facing Old Heidelberg, where the old castle nestles
against Konigsberge (so my memory recalls the name of the "mountain" on
that side the river, one can see the old university, shops and bridges
that lend so much charm to this beautiful city. Above me, the road now
climbs past homes to a wide path that winds up and around the edge of this
Holy Spirt Mountain (Heilegeberge). I'm certain that many a student,
poet, physicist, lover and philosopher engaged their hearts, minds and
souls with the rhythm of their physical effort as they gazed over the
beautiful valley below.

The way continues to the top of this mountain, where the remains of a
Celtic stockade, Roman Temple, Christian Churches and the
Nibbelungenringen all attest to the call of an ancient presence that seems
to dwell here. From the top of this place, thousands of miles of trails
and paths probe their way through the Odenwald (Oden Forest). From here
one can easily wander to Wurzburg, Darmstadt or Worms. Through these
broad-leafed forests, it's easy to imagine coming across the old one-eyed
god in the wide-brimmed hat that this forest seems named for. It also
pained my heart to see the ravages of acid rain on the once beautiful
ridges of dying and dead trees that suddenly came into vision.

We ran three times a week from Old Heidelberg to the top of this mountain
and into the forest to a wonderful gasthaus (restaurant) named for a
nearby landmark named Weisserstein. The approximately 10-mile run was
always concluded over some wonderfully brewed local beer; and, of course,
our steady driving companion who took us all back to our homes.

regards (and thanks for evoking this memories),


p.s. if I've misnamed or misidentified some place name, please forgive my
sometimes faulty memory.

> I have no research, but I recall hearing that there is a Philosophenweg
> (Philosophers' Way) in Heidelberg, where philosophers would walk and
> think. I've noticed I sometimes get (and succumb to) the urge to walk out
> problems.


"Richard Charles Holloway" <learnshops@thresholds.com>

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