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Date: 02/20/00

This is a reminder of the upcoming special issue of the Journal of
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Call for Papers
Journal of Management Special Issue on

Managing in the Information Age

Special Issue Editor: Rhonda K. Reger (Smith School of Business,
University of Maryland-College Park)

The information age is bringing a reexamination of virtually every aspect
of management theory and practice, threatening accepted notions of
organizations as entities, industry competition, inter-organizational
relationships, corporate governance, and the role of top managers in
knowledge-intensive organizations. It is hastening trends toward industry
convergence, and creating new intermediation models in industries as
diverse as book selling and financial services. Almost every industry is
involved in a fundamental questioning of long-accepted business models.

This period also has challenged all aspects of the management of people.
New models of organizational behavior emphasize the democratization of
leadership, virtual teams, and real time electronic communication. They
suggest the need for more flexible structures of decision making and
communication rather than a continuing reliance on the management of
social capital through hierarchical command and control. Human capital
needs in rapidly changing firms are causing managers and researchers to
reexamine and re-negotiate every aspect of the traditional employment
contract. This re-examination includes the meaning of organizational
membership, methods of employee attraction, formal and informal programs
of continuous learning, organizational reward practices, and the nature of
career paths in an information economy.

The pervasiveness of the Internet and the development of knowledge
management "shareware" such as Lotus Notes is contributing to the
globalization of markets and industries. How technology facilitates
cross-border collaboration of individuals, teams, divisions, and companies
to challenge accepted notions of global competition and cooperation is
also of interest. Human-technology interfaces open a range of topics
including the nature of organizational cognition, and the effects of
instantaneous communication and information overload.

The topics of this special issue are purposefully broad. The Journal of
Management welcomes empirical, conceptual, and methodological manuscripts
focusing on individual, team, organization or organization field levels of
analysis. Work that cuts across multiple levels of analysis is especially
welcome, as is work utilizing either theory testing or theory development.
We urge you to join us in showcasing the best work that sheds light on the
changing landscape of managing in the information age.


To be considered for publication, manuscripts must be received by May 1,
2000. Send manuscripts including a cover letter that specifically states
that the paper is to be considered for the special issue to

Dr. Micki Kacmar
Department of Management
College of Business
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1110

Details concerning the Journal of Management's procedures and evaluation
criteria are printed in all issues of the journal in a section entitled
Information for Contributors and are available on the JOM website:

Request for ad hoc reviewers: if you are interested in reviewing for this
special issue of JOM, please contact Rhonda Reger (rreger@rhsmith.umd.
edu) describing your relevant expertise and reviewing experience.


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