Waiting for the Omnibus with Socrates learning Personal Mastery LO24043

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 02/23/00

Dear learners,

I was standing at the bus stop and chewing over 'divisions' and 'rulers'
of a differing kind and the conversation went something like this,

'Still the same old stale language.'

'Yes, and on the same subjects.'

'You simply never stop talking of cobblers and cooks and --- as if our
arguments concerned them!'

'Then tell me yourself what 'sphere' a man must show greater strength in
order to establish an advantage (in wisdom) over others. Or are you going
to refuse to entertain any of my ideas, and at the same time make none of
your own?'

'Humphh, I have told you already what I mean, first of all when I speak of
stronger (taken to mean 'wiser' in this dialogue) I do not mean cobblers
and cooks, I mean people with 'intelligence' to know how political matters
should be handled, and not only intelligence, but courage; people who have
the ability to carry out their ideas. - They are the ones who are right to

'Tell me, will they be rulers of themselves?'

'What d'you mean?'

'I mean each man being master of himself. Or is it that there is no need
for self mastery as long as one is master of others?'

'What do you mean by self mastery?'

'Nothing recondite, simply in the sense of popular understanding, of being
moderate and in control of oneself of one's passions and insights.'

'What a funny fellow you are, these people are half wits.'

Well, this dialogue 'deepened' which became then even more ENlightening ;
- ) but the bus was coming round the corner and I had to put Mr. Socrates
back into my pocket.

Best wishes,

Andrew Campbell



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