Why a Learning Organization? LO24071

From: Salman Fardan (sfardan@batelco.com.bh)
Date: 02/26/00

The wealth of point of views shows that learning is a natural process in
human life. To create a homogeneity between human (who manage, offers his
talent and benefits from organisation) and organisations themselves,
organisation must also have a natural learning environment.

This environment will ensure participation, team working and eventually
effective interaction between people in the organisations towards a united
objective of the well being of the organisation, the stakeholders and the

[Host's Note: In 1994, we had a long thread on the question "Why a
Learning Organization?" I created a composite of the answers which is at
http://world.std.com/~lo/WhyLO.html and left an open invitation to add
additional contributions, as this one. ...Rick]


"Salman Fardan" <sfardan@batelco.com.bh>

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