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From: S LLevin (
Date: 02/29/00

Is your organization facing mergers, acquisitions, the shift to
e-commerce, globalization, work-life balance demands, increasing
competition, or other organization-shaking changes? Then you cannot
afford to miss Change 2000 and the Corporate Culture Forum!

Gain insights and models from the thought-leaders on change and corporate
culture, including...
** John Kotter
** Ed Schein
** Bill Bridges
** Carol Kinsey Goman
** Bob Knowling
** Bev Kaye
** Dick Axelrod

And learn the techniques and methodologies utilized by corporate
practitioners from leading organizations including...
* Sears, Roebuck & Co. * Sapient Corporation * Kraft Foods * Hewlett-Packard
* Lucent * Taco Bell * Scient * IBM * Southwest Airlines * BuildNet *

All organizations are facing some major change today. And, as you know,
subsequent transformation efforts can be scary, time-consuming and
expensive. Linkage, Inc. has developed the 3rd annual Change Conference &
Expo (, to help you overcome the
challenges that you face in responding to current changes and preparing
for those that are forth coming. Change 2000 will take place May 14-17,
in San Francisco, CA (at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Hotel).

Additionally, because corporate culture is an integral component in change
management, Change 2000 will feature a one-day Corporate Culture Forum on
May 17 (

Change 2000 and Corporate Culture are designed for cross-functional
"change agents" (including HR, OD, and line management professionals) in
all industries currently being effected by major changes, including
healthcare/health services, telecommunications, utilities, financial and
insurance services, information technology, and manufacturing. You will
learn how to overcome the greatest challenges to organizational
transformation, including managing the human side of change, leading
change, and reinforcing and sustaining change initiatives; in addition to
lessons learned in implementing major change initiatives and practical
tools and skills for change management. If you are (or aspire to be) an
"agent of change" in your organization, then you cannot miss these
unparalleled learning events!

Stephanie Levin
Program Manager: Change 2000, Corporate Culture, & Consulting Skills
Linkage, Inc.

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