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From: Winfried Dressler (
Date: 03/01/00

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Andrew Cambell wrote:

>I recall the Dhali Lama once saying, 'Pity not to measure gross national
>happiness instead of gross national product : - )'

Which made me look at the wall behind me, where I have pinned a Calvin and
Hobbes cartoon (sorry for my poor translation):

Calvin (chewing chewing gum): I need to get a monitor for my heart beat

Hobbes: What for?

Calvin: To make sure that I chew close to my aerob power limit. I want to
observe how I can chew faster, stronger and longer every day.

Hobbes: What's the gain when you add to all what you do a number?

Calvin: The higher the numbers the more fun you have.

Hobbes: Once again science has saved the spirit.

Liebe Gruesse,


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