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Date: 03/02/00

Dear At, Jan and other elaborators of Joi' d'vivre,

Leonardo reflected enigmatically that -- 'All the while I thought I was
learning how to live, when I was in fact learning how to die.'


"(And) recently above Milan toward Lake Maggiorre I saw a cloud in the
shape of an immense mountain covered with fiery stones, for it was tinged
with red by the sun on the horizon. This huge cloud stood motionless; such
was its immensity that its summit contained the sun's light for one hour
and a half into night. And within two hours of night it produced so great
a wind, it was a stupefying, unheard of thing; the air contained in it,
compressed by condensation, erupted and escaped through the cloud's
weakest part, rushing tumultuously, as happens when a sponge is pressed
under water by a hand and the water it had absorbed escapes between the
fingers of the hand and through the surrounding water."

Leonardo da Vinci. Codex Leicester 28 Recto.


"Come la chiarezza dell'aria nasce dall'acaqua che in quella s'e resoluta
e fattasi in insensibili graniculi, li quali, preso il lume del sole
dall'apposita parte, rendan la chiarezza che in essa aria si dimostra; e
l'azzurro che quella apparisce nasce dalle tenbre che dopo esa aria si


Andrew Campbell



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