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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 03/02/00

Replying to LO24085 --

WHEW At, thanks for the mathematics behind my simple remarks. I was just
enjoying the view and typing a few down some words, trying to create some
meaning. I got the feeling that this collaborative effort - or companying
- has transcended into an emergent game, play, community, network,

I knew that complexity rules the universe, but didn't realize that it i
could blame Onsager cross induction (i did hear his name during
Statistical Mechanics at Leiden University, but only remembered being
confused that we had to discuss that we were not able to prove that
macroscopic behavior results from microscopic ensemble theory except by
postulating that it does. Which seemed - and still seems - fine by me).

One or two additions,

> If we do not understand why we need to gain time, there is no reason at
> all to gain such time. We need to have time to PREPARE ourselves
> sufficiently for life threatening situations. These preparations are the
> critical factor for sustaining life in deadly situations. These
> preparations are nothing but the evolution towards higher orders and thus
> greater complexity -- to become aware of the depth of our creativity.

I suppose that Understanding and Time have nothing to do with the emergent
complexity. Complechity happens. Perhaps except that understanding
complexity is just more complex than not understanding complexity. It
somehow adds recursiveness to complexity, a highway to create more
complecity. Just look around and see what complexity reducing complexity
has brought us. 't was brilliant, introducing the idea of control to these
human beings, it just ran out of control.

And Time, well Time is just needed to prevent things from happening all at
once. Or, on the other hand, things - everything - might happen all at
once - or at an instance, it just might be the same, but we're just too
crude too notice. Perhaps that is why we call it the Big Bang! (On a
Q-level: "What was that flash?" "It was the Big Bang, but it is over now"
"Is it already that late, i really must be going")

Also i do not think we have to be prepared or whatever. Preparedness is
added after the fact, we may seem to be prepared, but i suppose it is also
known as luck, good old lucky luck. Or perhaps i worry too much.

> Knowledge of "entropy production" can be a blessing to those who know the
> full complexity of its ramifications. But those who are ignorant to it,
> will become victims of its disastrous effects when they make decisions
> ignorant of the higher order qualities to carry them through. They may be
> ignorant that these higher order quailities emerge as a result of entropy
> production. This will not cause their demise. But they cannot excuse their
> ignorance of the higher order qualities themselves. Such excuses will
> never save them from disasters.

Grace is a blessing. Ignorance might seem to be a state of grace, because
we were ignorant as babies. Perhaps we strive to become ignorant again. A
manager once told me to stop asking questions (aka learning), because, as
he said: "knowing everything won't make you happy too". ("alles weten
maakt ook niet gelukkig", too being the operative word, but did it get
lost in the translation?)

> Perhaps our greatest fear is the fear instilled by our system of education
> that we cannot learn. Perhaps the perfoming artists are the majority among
> those who escape the ill effects of the system. Anyway, who can learn at
> all if rote learning is the main form of learning presented by the system
> ;-)

I don't know, i don't know. Fear, i like the word "angst" more, i think
makes us all, all living creatures, self-conscious. It is the price we
pay, the result we get, our drive, the way the tension of life represents
itself to the living. The only choice we may have is to fear angst or not
to fear angst -or, for me the same - to choose how we deal with life's
little surprises. But that is a conscious decision, i think, a major step
and it doesn't undo "angst". Perhaps it just means you take responsibility
for your self. To be or not to become. Our parents, i'm speaking from
experience, tend to shield their children from hurt - sensible - and,
ignorant as we are, therefore also from "angst". So it might come as a
surprise too you (me) and therefore you (I) may feel hurt, inadequate,
resentful, blaming others for a long time, trying not to interface your
deepest emotion. It took me over fifteen years to realize this, and i
still remember how paralyzed i was when i came face too face with my worst
fears ... sigh....

Thanking you kindly,

Jan - zonder angst - Lelie

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