Objections to Learning Organization LO24124

From: Roger Key (roger.key@onet.co.uk)
Date: 03/06/00

Replying to LO24098 --

Hi All.

I am neew to this list and therefore may just be repeating something that
has been said before...

>> I personnally do not think that better organisational teamwork can be
>> acheived by putting a team on a raft or a "survival" situation. I am not
>> against these outward bound session, i like them, but i think these kind
>> of trainings do have a major impact on teamwork just because people meet
>> and talk and interact outside (before, during and after) the survival
>> situation. I believe that doing an "after action review" of the actual
>> worksituations would be better. Perhaps because these worksituations have
>> all kind of emotional charges, that there is "real tension" in work
>> situation, AND we haven't learnt how to have a dialogue we tend to revert
>> to creating new situations and talk about them. Deflection. Many people, i
>> have experienced, are not very good at projecting back from a traning
>> situation to an actual work situation. Interventions i like to use stay
>> as close as possible with the real life situation AND use an open,
>> non-confrontational, easy going, non-directional dialogue approach.

I guess that we are all happy with the idea of a system, and more
specifically with the organisation as a system, else we would not be here.
Teams act in systems that support team working. An outdoor experiance
(OE) may support team working within a group pf work mates - as to whether
they act as a team in the short term that the OE exists is a moot point.
Going back to work they are now in a different system with its own
environment etc. If it does not support team working then teams will not
emerge, if it does then the OE has questionable value. There is the
possibility that 'solutions' found in the OE will be applied as
'solutions' back in the organisation - a convergent solution to a
divergent problem - again an activity of questionable value.

Suggestions that organisations that are seeing to build and enhance teams
within the orgaisation could more effectivly take part in Action Learning
labs with in the work place fits my understanding and experiance.

Roger C. Key
Prescient - The Whole as One
(44) 01639 871062


Roger Key <roger.key@onet.co.uk>

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