Subject: Objections to Learning Organization LO24149

Date: 03/10/00

Dear Patrick,

Health Warning. I checked this for lengthy poetry before sending.

>We want challenges, because challenges force us to think outside the box,
>to learn new things and to solve new puzzles.
>We want to get paid for what we accomplish, instead of for the time we
>take to accomplish it.
>We want clients who recognize the value of ideas and who aren't afraid of
>breaking new ground or trying new methods.
>We want to work with people who feel the same way we do ...who value
>honesty, humor, emotional balance, creativity and a job well-done.
>And, most importantly, when we finish an engagement, presentation or
>workshop, we want each of the people who hired us to think Damn! I'm
>glad I found those guys.
>These are the things we want.

I cannot find the "fit' in your comments below and your web domain quoted
comments above. Maybe it is the fault of my 'empty head', maybe my 'full
head' or somewhere between the two? I used the 'search engine' on your
web site and I keyed in "Love", nothing, I keyed in "Poetry", nothing and
I keyed in a more common 'buzz word' "creativity" and got the above.

Subject: Objections to Learning Organization LO24143

>Don't discount yourself too soon. I think you might be on to something. I
>would ask whether lengthy poetry might qualify as "trappings of an >LO"?

>>However, as I think on it, I realize that I really have no idea what the
>>trappings of an LO might be. So, I'll withdraw the remark as

For what it is worth IMHO ('H' is for both humble and honest) I think on this
occasion "empty" fulfils more than "we want".


Andrew Campbell.


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