Objections to Learning Organization LO24154

From: Swan, Steve R. SETA CONTR (SwanSR@ftknox5-emh3.army.mil)
Date: 03/10/00

Replying to LO24143 --

The responses I have seen in regards to my question for clarity about the
trappings of an LO range from attempting to vague to none. Is that because
we are really trying to fit a square peg (a possible construct) into a
round (w)hole? Get my drift? Art or science, no matter, by now shouldn't
there be some consistency (a shared mental model) and congruence (shared
vision) about this. And if so, wouldn't it be reasonable for well read LO
practitioners to identify the trappings (real disadvantages if you like)
of an LO? Perhaps that is why a request for the advantages and
disadvantages of considering the LO was responded to with a list of why
people (organizations) resist implementation an LO mind set - change. But
then there I go...double looping.

>Don't discount yourself too soon. I think you might be on to something. I
>would ask whether lengthy poetry might qualify as "trappings of an LO"?
>>However, as I think on it, I realize that I really have no idea what the
>>trappings of an LO might be. So, I'll withdraw the remark as


"Swan, Steve R. SETA CONTR" <SwanSR@ftknox5-emh3.army.mil>

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