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From: Alternative Energy (
Date: 03/13/00


This has been on my mind for some time, and I'm just going to put this
thought out there without any intention of insulting anybody or this

Is it possible to make this LO listserv more interactive and
multi-dimensional, so we can include pictures, diagrams, colour, sound,
personal stories, websites/links, etc? The discussion here is so RICH and

I have to admit that I find the "flat", one-dimensional nature of normal
listservs limiting: I don't like reading--especially abstract stuff. Many
of these wonderful ideas are not reaching my hungry soul and mind! I see
long discussions and just skip, especially when they have lots of
references to formulas or tend towards abstract thinking, or there's no
pictures to reinforce the idea. My mind struggles.

[Host's Note: The quick answer is you can certainly include web links...
Just mention the URL in your msg and most readers will be able to click on
it in their email program. More later... Rick]

Can anything be done about this? Sorry Rick if I am being completely naive
here (that's actually one of my better strengths--usually if I can
understand something, anybody else will be able to also!). I have no idea
if this is a realistic request, but I almost feel like this listserv as an
LO may want to consider moving to the next stage.

1. Do others agree?
2. What would the obstacles be? (eg, cost, time, person-power,
location/website, memory, etc)
3. How long would it take?

I remember someone once mentioning that Microsoft or somebody had an
interactive site called Natureal or something to imply
out-of-the-ordinary. It could be adapted to suit one's tangential
thinking or freeflow style.

Part of the reason I have neurotically saved all the LO digests up till
now, is so I could use my Windows to search for key words and find
relevant info, or interesting sites of the people who participate here. I
know I can do this via your archive now, but it's also hard to know what
word to focus in on and then wade through all the digests that may spring

This is just a thought from someone who is LOVING Learning Org and wishes
to see it to grow and meet even more needs!

Warmest regards,
Lana Choi

"Whatever you can do, or dream, you can begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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