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Tony and Fellow LOers,

A sampling of books related to knowledge audits (intellectual capital)

* Intellectual Capital: Core Asset for the Third Millennium Enterprise;
   Brooking, Annie;
   1996, International Thomson Business Press;
   Table of Contents:
   1 The Third Millennium Enterprise
   2 The Emergence of Intellectual Capital
   3 Market Assets
   4 Intellectual Property Assets
   5 Human-Centred Assets
   6 Infrastructure Assets
   7 Planning and Intellectual Capital Audit
   8 The Intellectual Capital Audit
   9 Intellectual Capital Management
   10 Knowledge Management and Corporate Memory
   11 Extending the Intellectual Capital Asset Base
   12 Valuing Intellectual Capital

* Corporate Memory : Strategies for Knowledge Management
   (Intellectual Capital Series);
   Brooking, A;
   1998, International Thomson Business Press;
   1 The Knowledge Based Company
   2 Intellectual Capital--The Context for Knowledge Management
   3 Dream On--Knowing What You Need to Know
   4 Dimensions of Knowledge
   5 Capturing Knowledge Within the Organization
   6 Aspects of Corporate Memory
   7 Generating Knowledge Within the Organization
   8 Corporate Culture and Knowledge Management
   9 Establishing an Infrastructure for Knowledge Management
   10 Human Centred Knowledge Management
   11 Guarding and Growing the Corporate Memory
   12 What to Do on Monday Morning

* Knowledge Management Fieldbook
   Wendi R. Bukowitz, Ruth L. Williams
   1999, Prentice Hall
   Table of Contents:
   1. How to use The Knowledge Management Fieldbook
2. Knowledge Management Diagnostic
3. Get
4. Use
5. Learn
6. Contribute
7. Assess
8. Build and Sustain
9. Divest
10. Looking ahead: management through a knowledge lens

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> Any recommendation on books, articles or web sites that go into some depth
> on conducting a "knowledge audit" for an organization. I have found lots
> of sources on but most are very brief.


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[Host's Note: In assoc with, these links

Intellectual Capital by Annie Brooking

Corporate Memory : Strategies for Knowledge Management (Intellectual Capital Series) by Annie Brooking

Knowledge Management Fieldbook by Wendi R. Bukowitz, Ruth L. Williams

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