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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 03/14/00

Dear Leo,

Further to our dialogue about 'oceans of creativity' : - ) I thought this
was both succinct and elegant and might inspire a few tired souls today.

"To live is to create. While consciously creating, we move in harmony with
life, actively participating with the creative power that is the universe.
There is no conflict between consciously creating your life and letting
things happen or letting things go for that matter; creation resides in what
is happening, and we are happening to the extent that we are creating our own
lives. Rather than view ourselves as static objects, tossed about by the
waves of life, we can identify ourselves with the vast ocean of existence and
participate in what it is doing.
Creativity is not a special endowment reserved for the favoured few; neither
is it the objects or events it produces. Creativity is fundamentally an
attitude toward life. It requires equal parts of receptivity and
resourcefulness - openness to intuition and ideas and a readiness to put them
to work. Spontaneous and disciplined, flexible and focused, the creative life
is a marriage of opposites.
A creative approach recognises that we have all that we need, if we but know
what to do with it. Do not believe that you are lacking, either in inner or
outer resources. Yet it is precisely on these thoughts that we too often
dwell. The innate creativity that every human being is heir to returns to all
who will give up complaining about the hand they have been given and learn to
play the one they have." Laurence G Boldt


Andrew Campbell



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