Objections to Learning Organizations LO24181

From: Gordon Kubanek and Carmen Hust (gordkuba@enoreo.on.ca)
Date: 03/13/00

Replying to LO24152 [link guessed by your host..] --

Response to Jan Lelie

Hi there Jan:

Change is like a tidal wave
But it only destroys IF you are filled with FEAR
Imagine the following: we, in our organization, are surfers "catching a
wave". We somehow learn that a tidal wave is coming. Some of us decide to
head to the "safety' of shore because we are afraid.
Some of us head out towards the tidal wave, towards the unknown depths of
the unknown.In the ocean the tidal wave of change is only a ripple, because
we have no fear, because we face the change.
Those of use who paddled to the shore for safety we wiped out. Never to be
heard from again.
It's your choice.


Gordon Kubanek, B.Ed. P.Eng.
Ottawa Canada gordkuba@enereo.on.ca


"Gordon Kubanek and Carmen Hust" <gordkuba@enoreo.on.ca>

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