Tavistock Group Relations Conference LO24184 -Conf

From: Marc Kessler (m_kessle@dewey.uvm.edu)
Date: 03/16/00

          A Tavistock Group Relations Diversity Conference

                        Shades of Difference

            Authority and Appearance in the Organization

                            Sponsored by
     The Washington-Baltimore Center of the A.K. Rice Institute
              The Howard University Counseling Service

                           May 19-21, 2000

                        The Howard University
                        College of Dentistry
                          600 W Street, NW
                        Washington, DC 20059

Inquiries and Applications may be directed to:
Kimberley A. Turner, M.A.
Diversity 2000
Director for Administration
1010 Hamilton Street
Washington, DC 20011
Phone: (202) 887-8955


"Marc Kessler" <m_kessle@dewey.uvm.edu>

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