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Date: 03/17/00

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I happened to have a flyer for a Report published by a company called
Business Intelligence UK .. ..
entitled "Measuring the Value of Knowledge: metrics for the Knowledge
Based business" delivered in my post today. It may be of use to you.
Price is UK pounds 395 or US dollar 655. Details from website.

For what it is worth, it covers:-

   * Trends and Tensions
   * The pressure to measure
   * Measuring the Knowledge Economy
   * Measures and Models
   * Practical Considerations ^÷ developing an IC system
   * Measuring the benefits
   * Pathways to the future.

The Measures it talks about include:-

   * Value based models using EVA and MVA (I don't know what these letters
   * Performance measures using Balanced Score Card and EFQM techniques
   * Four IC models:-
          Skandia^“s Navigator model
          Intangible Assets monitor developed by Karl Sveiby
          The IC Index developed by Goran and Johan Roos
          Inclusive Validation Model developed by Prof. Philip M^“Pherson

There again you could always look at Sveiby's own site

Roy Greenhalgh

Georg Kirner wrote:

> I'm an austrian student writting on my master thesis. This list was
> recommended to me. I'm not concentrating on the learning org directly but
> on the measurement of intellectual capital. Nevertheless according to
> "what you can measure you can manage" the measuring of IC should
> contribute to (continous) learning (I suppose?!) in the org. Has anybody
> experience with Software Tools supporting the measurement of IC (except
> the BSC) especially included in ERP software (SAP, PeopleSoft,..)? I'd
> like to present these modules and investigate their contribution to IC
> management and Knowledge Management.


Roy Greenhalgh <>

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