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From: Dan Gunter (
Date: 03/17/00

Hello, everyone!

I am the owner and founder of Affinity Leadership Concepts, a one-man firm
consulting in leadership, management, teams, change, and related stuff
(like, what isn't related, right?) I have recently finished the
manuscript of my book, tentatively titled "The Tetrahedron Principle." In
the book, I approach organization dynamics from a rather unique
perspective. I also focus on what I have found to be the four primary
forces (strange attractors?) that influence organizations and the people
within them. As soon as I find an agent that clicks with me, I plan to
throw it to the collective wolves for adopting or devouring!

My interest in learning organizations is broad. I like the theories based
on complexity and chaos and have found them very useful. But I have also
discovered that I prefer a more universal metaphor for organizational
growth and change than is offered by most of the ecosystem and biological
metaphors. It's mostly my preference I suppose, but the initial readers
of my book have given me very interesting and positive feedback on its
logic and usefulness.

My current work is most heavily focused on team building and leadership
skills (as opposed to "management" - and I practically despise that "m"
word.) I look forward to seeing what the members of this list are
discussing - oops, let's use the word "dialog." I'm sure I will gain a
lot of valuable ideas and insights from the communications here.

I am glad to be part of this group.

Dan Gunter
Owner/Founder, Affinity Leadership Concepts
25090 Highway 48
Woodland, AL 36280
V: (877) 298-0399
F: (256) 449-9118

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