Unlearning LO24207

From: John Zavacki (jzavacki@greenapple.com)
Date: 03/20/00

Replying to LO24201 --


Although I'm not dead set against the term unlearning, but I prefer to see
it in transformational terms. You have changed the mental models of the
"not good enough" in such a way that they now produce "excellence". I
still prefer to see it as the transformation of incomplete or inaccurate
learning to a higher level of complexity and consequently conclusion.
(Notice that I PREFER to see it!!). That, of course, is my background as
a transformational-generative linguist and my career as a Deming
disciple!!! I would hate to unlearn Deming on my way to the next level,
but I sure would like to supplement him....

John F. Zavacki
jzavacki@greenapple.com <mailto:jzavacki@greenapple.com>


"John Zavacki" <jzavacki@greenapple.com>

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