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Date: 03/21/00

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Yes Roy and Wm., I agree with you. Family Systems theory is a clear
window into many organizational realities and is based upon a rich
theoretical and philosophical base and brought down to here-and-now
current reality. In Consultation: an international Journal, Summer,
1985, Vol.4 #2 & 3 I have two articles based upon study with Minuchin at
Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, bringing structural family therapy
into the OD framework. So I have lived and practiced with these systemic
glasses for sometime.

My most recent book, Learning in Relationship: Foundation for Personal
and Professional Success, has two sections on using systemic concepts for
organizational learning. They summarize the bare essence of what I have
found to be practical over the years. If you want to investigate more,
please contact me at

Ronald Short


Ron Short <>

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Learning in Relationship: Foundation for Personal and Professional Success by Ronald R. Short


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