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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@gold.up.ac.za)
Date: 03/24/00

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Dear Organlearners.

At de Lange <amdelange@gold.up.ac.za> writes:

>When I speak about "authentic learning", it is these kinds
>of complex interactions which I have in mind and which I
>employ in my capacity as a teacher.

Greetings At,

You write as a teacher. Please write from the viewpoint as
learner. Please write as Jessica might do.

Hasta luego.


Lovely people,

I am very aware of each of my experiences. Many I do not understand. Many
more I cannot even name.

Experiences helps me to understand. Experiences helps me to talk, play,
paint, fiddle and work.

Some experiences fit immediately in -- do not now ask me how and into
what. I merely remember some past experience and then I forget both
experiences. I feel happy when this happens. It makes me wanting new
experiences. Grandfather says it is because I am a human.

Some experiences do not fit. I then try consciously to connect each of
them to a fitting experience of the past which I suddenly remember. When
it does not want to fit, I remember another fitting experience. Sometimes
it fits so that I finally forget about both. It makes me happy again.
Sometimes it never wants to fit so that it makes me cry in pain and dream
bad things. My grandfather helps me to make them fit because he loves me
and do not want me to cry or have bad dreams.

Sometimes I make consciously a connection, but it does not fit. I cannot
forget such experiences. Yet they do not make me cry or dream so much. A
new experience may easily bump one of them loose. This loosened experience
may now fit immediately as some new experiences do so that I forget both,
be happy and ready for new experiences.

But sometimes I have have to connect it consciously as usual. But I
seldom connect it to the same memory. It is usually another fitting
experience which I suddenly remember. It makes me happy when it fit so
nicely that I can forget it. But sometimes these connected, unfitting
experiences just do not want to fit. So I am remembering more and more
whereas I should have forgot them and be happy.

These memories make me wanting to talk with other people and hear if they
have them too. I talk to children of my age, but they seem to have more
important things on their mind to talk to me. I talk to older children,
but they seem to want to talk to children even older than them. I talk to
adults, but they find it difficult to talk to kids like us.

I talk to my grandfather, but soon I want to play because this talking
helps me to remember less. I now also want to experiment because he showed
me that it can be as great fun as playing.

He says I am learning fast. But I wonder. The teacher at school want us to
remember many things. Many of those things I need not remember. When she
jumps in front of me with a question, I usually remember. But she really
frightens many of my friends. They come crying to me during play time or
after school, but I am not so good as my grandfather to stop them crying.

I am getting worried about all the memories which I cannot connect. I
cannot go crying and dreaming so much. I want to tell my grandfather about
them, but I cannot find words for them. He is also much to buzzy at work.
So I asked him that we must go out into the veld for a whole day and have
a nice picnic.

I have one other big worry. Out teacher tells us that we will make lots of
money when we can remember very much. She says that this is why we go to
school. I want to be rich, but since there is so few things which I can
consciously remember and furthermore since they are all things which makes
me so uneasy, I think I am going to be poor.

Grandfather talks about my mind becoming rich, but I do not understand
him. The last couple of weeks I am drawing pictures of people speaking in
bubbles. He likes them, but he confuses me because he says that it shows
how rich my mind is becoming.

Love to all you beautiful people



Perhaps some of you can make sense out of it. This is what Jessica's
answers anount to, but she cannot put it yet in a nice composition. So I
had to write it for her.

With care and best wishes


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