Can ISO 9000 Hinder Organization Learning/Innovation LO24250

From: C.W. Russ Russo (
Date: 03/25/00

Replying to LO24216 and LO24194

I am always flabbergasted when I read anyone thinks the ISO 9000 standard
is somehow detrimental to an organization.

The standard is a ten page, generic, very basic, vanilla quality
management system. Using it for what it is will help any organization get
started to develop a basic quality system. Expecting ISO to help a
basically flawed organization or to work miracles is foolhardy.

Unhappily, some folks insist on self inflicting themselves because they do
not know what they are doing -- either in their own organization or in
using the ISO standard -- then blame the standard for their own failures.


C.W. Russ Russo, author
ISO 9000 and Malcolm Baldrige in Training and Education
Charro Publishers, Inc. 1995


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