A "continuous learning community" Why care? LO24252

From: Perry Kinkaide (pkinkaide@v-wave.com)
Date: 03/25/00

A continuous learning community is more than territory, it is defined by
the very culture that recognizes that while we are "always learning" that
we are usually not doing so purposefully. To combine purpose with
learning is to:

 1. Celebrate learning as a key to personal, organization, community and
cultural success/sustainability
 2. Address barriers to learning, particularly the territorial borders
that constrain intra- and extra-learning;
 3. Promote prosperity in its broadest sense based on learning and that
recognize the devaluation of knowledge as it is commoditized and elevating
the relevance of vision and values in leading, that knowledge has been the
domain of controlling professionals who have helped us value education,
health and government as we (citizens) embrace learning, wellness and
 4. Connect with "like-minded" others - on a global scale.

An attempt of significance to mobilize these values is St. Albert -
www.learning.ab.ca, where Patrons of Public Participation, Partnering,
Prosperity and Planet have assembled diverse array of "learning leaders"
and mobilized initiatives within their community to revitalize a community
complacent in the shadow of old-age professions, illuminated by a new-age
commitment to continuous learning.


Perry Kinkaide <pkinkaide@v-wave.com>

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