A Poem on Change LO24266

From: Scott Simmerman (scottsimmerman@home.com)
Date: 03/29/00


Thought I would contribute my first poem in about 40 years to the list.

After all, isn't flying a lot about learning? And Change?

Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly -- A work in progress

              The caterpillar crawls and eats and eats.
              And grows, shedding its skin but little more.
              Crawl, climb, eat. Crawl, climb, eat.
              Of all of our lives, can we not soar?

              One day as two caterpillars looked
              As a beautiful butterfly sailed by.
              Of course one said to the other:
              "You'll never get me in a butterfly, high."

              Gratefulness, laughing and smiles.
              But no clear understanding or view
              Of these ironies and implications
              What was The Answer you knew?

              Resistance. Perspective. and Change.
              All of these and more are involved.
              Yet insight is limited. And self-perspective too.
              My mother was a moth - this problem is solved.

              One must STOP in the caterpillar journey
              For transformation, what we can become.
              One must change to a much gooey mess
              to undergo metamorphosis and change.

              Is the potential understood? Is it realized?
              We just don't know. Yet it does.
              The Call of The Wild. And the need to Become.
              Gain the wings, lose the teeth and the fuzz.

              It is about letting go, trust the process
              Of growth and experience and your view.
              It is Becoming. You are more than you are
              With things you already had. And you knew?

              The colors are on the butterfly
              And already within what we were.
              Can we all learn from this? Can we help?
              These changes will most surely occur.

                           By Scott J. Simmerman 2000


Scott Simmerman <scottsimmerman@HOME.COM>

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