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From: Hill, Jon LTJG (JonHill@msohoustonrec.uscg.mil)
Date: 03/30/00

Replying to LO24269 --

Good Morning all.
I'm a newbie with limited experience.
I have a degree in Public Administration from Roger Williams University,
located Bristol Rhode Island.
I was both surprised and elated to find my mailbox flowing with milk and
honey first thing in the morning, (being a junior officer - often times the
mailbox is full of - junk mail).
Well, I would like a shot at AM's questions.
Don't laugh too much. I'm here to learn.

1) To Know is prejudicial, knowledge validates such prejudices.
2) Value is not tangible, whereas knowledge is tangible.
3) The true value of knowledge is expressed by the efforts of an entity
to learn.
4) Competition is the arena from which intelligence empowers entity to
increase or decrease the value of knowledge.
5) Yes. Once again, competition flows towards the path of least
6) No. Understanding knowledge affords us an opportunity to eschew
paths leading to destruction.
7) Love is Love and Hate is Hate. Intelligence forces an equal value
upon both.
8) Creativity qualifies and validates knowledge.
9) Leaders of LO's must try the benefits of being unpopular and walk a
checkered pavement.
10) All personalities have the capacity to give. Truly successful ones
will symbolically and intuitively, return that which was given them in equal

Thank you for your considerations.
I'll try to keep up.
Now, onward!....onward to a wonderful day...
Very Respectfully,
LTJG Jon D. Hill

> (1) Will learning have any purpose if we know that its outcome
> knowledge has no value?
> (2) Is "knowledge" and the "value of knowledge" not one and
> the same thing?
> (3) Does knowledge have its own value or is its value that it is
> sustained by learning?
> (4) Do we learn to increase our knowledge or to increase the
> value of our knowledge?
> (5) Does the value of knowledge have anything to do with the
> form (patterns) in its information?
> (6) Can the use (application) of knowledge decrease the value
> of knowledge?
> (7) How much value does knowledge have if it is disconnected
> from caring love?
> (8) Can creativity increase the value of knowledge?
> (9) What role do LOs play in addition to Learning Individuals
> so as to increase the value of knowledge
> (10) Is the value of knowledge not that it is an intensive
> (scaling invariant) property of a person?


"Hill, Jon LTJG" <JonHill@msohoustonrec.uscg.mil>

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