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Date: 03/31/00

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At 11:52 At de Lange AM 3/29/00 +0200, you wrote:

>Dear fellow learners, do you think that saying to people that
>they should manifest "deep compassion" ("deernis") will be
>sufficient to cause them to have "deep compassion"? Is there
>not a kind of "preparation" necessary before "deep compassion"
>can emerge? Will a study of languages be worthy for such a

Dear At,

I'm afraid the answer to your questions (I counted at least three just in
this short paragraph) will be NO.

In practice, I found out that "SAYING TO PEOPLE" is not very efficient if
I want to cause things to happen - rather DO - MANIFEST!

In my experience, I found out that STUDY (you offered languages, which by
itself is worth studying) has little to do with LEARNING. And LEARNING is
what you're seeking, aren't you? What I'm suggesting here is that
"studying IMPLIES learning" is many times a FALSE proposition.

Last, but not least - HAVING compassion can be caused by FREE WILL only.

And finally a YES - I find your contributions in linguistical issues very
interesting. Many words (not in a given context or a specific language)
sound the same and can be distinguished only when written down - when

Kindest regards,
Judy Tal


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