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From: Richard Morse (
Date: 04/04/00

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Kiall Marsh asks:

>Does anyone have ideas on how to measure the difference between corporate
>culture and operational " paradigms " ?

Kiall -

I too am seeking measurements for organizational effectiveness. So far I
have found the Denison Surveys. The former works across an entire
organization, the latter is specifically geare toward the individual, in
the manner of a 360 Feedback measurement. They measure Involvement,
Adaptability, Consistency, and Mission, each category further broken down
into 3 sub-categories. These are then matrixed against an Internal v.
External focus on one axis, and Flexible v. Stable on another axis. They
are fairly comprehensive tools. Find them at

I'd add an inquiry to others: Are there tools/surveys for measuring an
organization's tendency toward an LO? I'm interested in pre- and
post-change effort measurement.


Richard Morse


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