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Date: 04/06/00

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Stealth learning has been used successfully by Dell. John Cone at Dell and
formerly of Motorola has developed a teaching system using intranet sites
so any employee can learn what is needed when needed.

He calls it stealth learning because it does not require class time. The
employee recognizes a need to learn and has access to information when and
as needed.

Dell uses a combination of out sourced teaching and in house information.
They have had to add over 200 per employees per week for sustained periods
and keep on working.

Information like this is shared regularly at AME work shops and in Target

Eugene Taurman

>I stumbled upon this page in a desperate search for information on
>assessing organizational culture. The organization I work is currently
>undergoing very exciting transformational change by way of e-Bussiness
>solutions and platforms we are offering our clients - the challange is
>that we have grown at such a rate that we need to ensure that our
>corporate strategic direction is supported by the same type of
>operational culture - so as to prevent drift. Does anyone have ideas on how to measure
>the difference between corporate culture and operational " paradigms " ?
>Kiall Marsh


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