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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 04/18/00

Dear Organlearners,

Greetings to you all.

Yesterday morning I had an exiciting dialogue with Ockert, one of my
younger friends in learning and self a psychiatrist working on his PhD. At
a certain stage .......(which I now can summarise as)


........We looked up the etymological meaning of the word "therapy". It
surpised us. It comes from the Greek word "therapeuo" = "to care for, to
serve". But this was merely the beginning of our surprise. We immediately
began to question the word "therapeuo" because the "-peuo" part looked
very much like the Greek word "poieo" = "to do, to make". We may find the
latter word in for example the modern term "autopiesis"="self-making" of

Yes, the "peuo" is indeed related to the "poieo", but rather has the
loftier meaning of "to create artfully". But it is when we came to the
"thera-" part of "therapeuo" when we had the rapture. The meaning of the
Greek word "thera" = "wonder, miracle". In other words, the composite
Greek word "therpeuo" = "to care" orginally meant "to create artfully a
miracle". It seems to tell us that this act of "caring" was to the Greeks
the same as "creating the miracle" -- that the ancient Greeks emerged from
an even older dispensation in which caring was very rare and very
difficult to do.

It is now more than two millenia later at the end of that dispensation
initiated by the Greeks. People of the present age have once more almost
forgotten what it means to "care". They also find that caring does not
come easy any more. It seems as if they consider the caring such as that
of Mother Theresa close to a miracle if not indeed one. Why? What are
preventing people from performing the art of caring love. Let us take a
careful look.

Governments take the major part of most people's income
under the pretention that they will publically provide for caring
services. But corruption devours the major part of those taxes
before it reaches as caring services the needy among people.
Private professionals like many doctors and many lawyers
who jealously protect their profession, actually impoverish
those whom they pretend to provide for with their caring services.
The cynical words of Leonardo da Vinci
        Every man desires to gain wealth that he may give it
        to the doctors, the destroyers of life; therefore they
        ought to be rich
has now become the curse of many more than only widows,
orphans and the aged. The heaven promised by these caretakers
has become the hell of paying them who rather care for themselves
through protectionism and corruption.

Let us bring back the wonder of caring love. Let us master the art of
caring love through the tree of emergences by learning as individuals and
organisations. Let us make the human spirit free from control by selfish
opportunists. Let us put an end to all the modern forms of piracy under
pretencious names. Let us all become humane again. Long live the New

With care and best wishes


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