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From: Dennis Rolleston (dennisr@ps.gen.nz)
Date: 04/23/00

Replying to LO24384 --

Greetings Winfried, fellow learning org members including lurkers (like

you said

>It is about a tendency I have noticed within me in connection to this
>list, in particular the way I browse through the messages. I am skipping
>a lot of it. It feels for me more and more as if I have read before most of
>the stuff that comes up; the words may have changed but the topics and
>content remain more or less the same. Am I mistaken?

I feel the same way and my contributions have been few, yet I continue to
read/skip in the hope that something inspirational hits me between the
eyes. I thought I was on to something when I read At's primers but the
spark failed to kindle the fire. I still read your reference's to the 7
essentialities At but I'm beginning to skip like Winfried is beginning to
do. I read with more than a passing interest, Andrews contributions to
the list. In my own analysis, I put At's and Andrews contibutions at the
same level of abstraction yet I tend to spend more time analysing
Andrew's, perhaps I'm an artist at heart?

Gavin and I have met and I still have the notes I took when we discussed
aspects of organisational learning. I love Andrews stance in the debate
between you and At, Gavin.

My role at work is training and development officer. We have systems in
place which we all but ignore and we fly by the seat of the pants of
whoever is in charge at the particular point in time (24 hour operation)
and to hell with the system. I know we are not unique in this respect,
I've experienced, witnessed and read enough to know this and I have my own
explanations for it. Yet my place of work contributes hugely to the local
and national economy and struggle as I do to push my division of the
organisation toward the five disciplines progress is so painfully slow the
receiver may yet win the race.

In my case I'm determined that should it be the receivers race the
bifurcation from that event will be an emergence. In the case of many
others it will be an imergence. In my past I've worked on so many
construction sites where earnings are high and to hell with tomorrow, I
know there will be many imergent bifurcations at the end of 'that' road.

So while we converse in abstract terms on this mailing list in language
that my students at work ignore, life moves along like the cattle stampede
it perhaps is.

Maybe we just take a breather on this list then return to the fold and run
toward our destiny with the rest?

Yet I will always believe I can make a difference within my "circle of
influence" at work, at home and within the other circles I move, as others
can no doubt make a difference to my patterns of thought A recent example
comes to mind. Over a year ago on this list I talked about our youngest
daughter who was about to leave us to spend a year in South Africa as an
exchange student. She returned last December more confident and outgoing
than she was before she left. She will continue to benefit from that year
for many to come. The father of the family she spent her year with
visited us late last month. The family was so taken by our daughter, her
mannerisms and attitude to life he just had to come to see this place for
himself. What a wonderful experience for me and my family to look at our
own country through the eyes of a coloured South African. (he was with us
for 2 weeks). Yes each of us can influence and make a difference, but, we
can only do so when we speak within the understanding of the the other.

So much for my ramblings

Regards to you all



"Dennis Rolleston" <dennisr@ps.gen.nz>

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