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From: Bill Braun (
Date: 04/24/00

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>I am interested in identifying factors which make change efforts
>successful and unsuccessful. The literature has several theories, but i
>have found very few empirical studies.
>There are a number of related questions:
>1) how do we measure success of change efforts
>2) what stage of change causes the most resistance
>3) how do people react to change, what are specific behaviors related to
>resisting and supporting change
>4) what methodology would work to study resistance/support
>I welcome any comments and references to useful sources.
>Michael Orth

This cliche has served me well over the years: People do not resist
change, they resist being changed. Preceding shared vision with personal
vision may and thus incorporating personal vision into shared vision may
address your questions.

Bill Braun

The Health Systems Group
Physician Leadership Training
Simulation Modeling for Healthcare


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