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Date: 04/25/00

Replying to LO24420 --

In reply to Lon and Others on the subject of long and short, reiteration

Dear Lon and others,

Is there, I sense, even the lurking possibility that a lack of self esteem
may sit as an anchor in anyone's lack of respect we may have for another's
manners and mannerisms.
It destroys pride's possibility. It desires to turn meeting into
confrontation, expectation into dread, legitimate stepping stones into
stumbling blocks. It lacks conviction to my discerning sense in this case.
I went back to some medium-long postings in the years '76 and '77 and them
randomly followed through. What will be discerned is that this issue you
support is itself nothing other than another reworking. Navel gazing? It
points me to see simply see there are 'core' issues in learning org world
just as there are under the surface of all human reasons for and of
It means the issue lives. That is good isn't it?
Why not go read back to this thread, The Art-Science Interface LO14280
everyone...It was the postings (short and long but often long and rich) by
John, Ray, Ben, Rol, Doc, Mr Constantine, At, Winfrieds and many others that
left me with a deep feeling of respect for this Learning place.
You might reciprocate by teaching me or any among us the value of apparently
exclusively reading shorter postings and how you discern value by pressing a
'delete' button on a e-mail you have not read yet, which makes 'introductory
conclusions' a pretty insane and unpointly point in that case. Talk about a
'contradicto in adjecto'.
May I tell you, share with you, a pattern I look for when I sense people
writing with a slight increase in 'passion' ...I see lots of contradictions
going 'begging'. I see distress and I see hurt and I feel a powerful urge to
assist. I see disconnection, I see a temporary misalignment with a
collective purpose,
I see the 'I want' ascend over the 'others need'.
So maybe 'what's new?'
Well, I do not know.
So what if all the long posters went off to form another list, and all the
medium posters to a medium posters list and the short posters into a ....
what a crazy surrreal idea.
It would still go in and out the same boxes, brain boxes and computer boxes
wouldn't it...or have I missed something here? We would just have to travel
from one list to the other just to make sure that a long poster had not
secreted himself into a medium poster's list...and then we could have a
humorous list and a no humorous and maybe you Lon could be our judge of what
is funny and what is tragic....I think you get the pointedness of what this
I can be both long and short, hard and soft, childish and I hope also mature.
None is easy to sustain for long periods of time, which might some may think
make me juvenile, rather that than senile.
Well, short, medium and long preference types as well as the 'shorter than
long but longer than medium types of posters' as well as the ....
only kidding...we don't have to get all the way back to childhood models of
learning, we can stop off a while at adolescence...
Everyone loves Thoreau..."We should treat our minds, that is ourselves, as
innocent and ingenuous children, whose guardians we are, and be careful what
subjects we thrust on their attention. Read not the Times. Read Eternities."


'Live as if you are to die tomorrow and learn as if you are to live forever.'
Longinus...I think?

Best wishes,

Andrew Campbell


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