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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 05/01/00

Replying to LO24473 --

Dear Prof. Dash,

Your contribution as a whole and the story of the musician in the town
square was appealing;-). Thank you for clarifying a complex topic, for me

It may have been among your generously and carefully chosen and freely
scattered 'blue ribbons' that I came upon an interesting article on Mary
Parker Follett. If so, I would love to be treated to your thoughts on the
fecundity of her vision to our central preoccupations as a LO.

By way of return, your example brought to my mind her notions of 'liquid
leadership'; flowing where needed both leader and follower, river and
valley for her were understood as a purely relational condition. She once
wrote, "- My response is not a crystallized product of the past, static
for the moment of meeting; while I am behaving, the environment is
changing because of my behaving, and my behaviour is a response to the new
situation, which I, in part, have created." She often wrote of "the law of
the situation", "circular response" and " power with, rather than power

Cordially with best wishes,

Andrew Campbell



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