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Date: 05/02/00

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>I wonder if "Individual plans of career" in an organisation could:
>* Give a person attention to what competence he/she got what he/she need
>to learn. And then again more reflection on his/hers own learningstrategy
>and lerning envirement.
>* The organisation and the emplyee could easier see and talk about the
>shared vision or the gap between the shared vision.
>Do any of You have any comments or maybe experience with this?

Actually there is a company that has done a pretty good job of putting
together a product (and, of course, training) that does just that: helps
the employee identify a career path (with competencies and learning needs
isolated) and then hold a conversation with his/her manager to discuss
gaps and ways to fill them. The company is Blessing/White (web site: and this particular product is called Managing Personal
Growth (MPG). Although I facilitated the training sessions many moons
ago, I am not affiliated with the company, so I feel comfortable endorsing
its work.


Rebecca Bell

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