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From: Shaya Zeighami (
Date: 05/11/00

Dear Secretary,

  I am a Phd student at IAU (Sciences & Researches Campus, Tehran, Iran),
Computer Engineering Department (AI & SE).
  I have started working on the topic of Learning Organizations (LO) as my
PhD reseach topic.I have noticed lack of generally accepted theoritical
models that describe & define the learning in LOs & mechanisms for
learning & criteria for assessment of learning in them.
  In my definition LO is not only an organization with superior
learning/training, or an organization operated based on advanced IT. I
study learning of organizations as whole entities, not only a society of
workers (the 'learning human' approach); and not only a collection of
intelligent tools (the 'software aided' learning or 'knowledge management'
  My models are in a variety of types that define architecture,attributes
of components (conceptual & physical), work routing & decision making
mechanisms, roles of components, and assessment of OL. The LOs in my view
are self-organizing & have a global intelligence that control actions of
other components and agents in respect with vision, mission, and
objectives of the organization.
  I wish to find other researchers with interests in the modeling of the
organizational learning. I would appreciate your views on my topic and
pointers to other similar research work. Please reply to
        Yours faithfully,
        Shaya Zeighami


Shaya Zeighami <>

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